Have you ever paid your coffee using a crypto currency? Did you know that there were two Bethlehem chapels in Prague? Have you ever taken a paternoster elevator? How come Sputnik flew from Stromovka to Baba? And above all this, what if you were told that there is a tour on corruption for tourists? In Prague, the magical city by excellence and elusive in its mystery, you can find this and much more. With its skyline full of towers, pointy and gilded, Prague watches over its tiny squares and cobbled alleys and any passer-by is caught in its charms. Its thousand stories and legends breathe through each of its ancient gates and even below the level of the river, and have never ceased to dazzle, for centuries now, anyone who sets foot in this timeless and spaceless city. The contents of this book will surprise even the Praguians when shown to them sitting with a good pint of beer.

111 luoghi di Praga che devi proprio scoprireMatěj Černý,
Marie Peřinová,
111 luoghi di Praga che devi proprio scoprire,
Emons Edizioni, 2019
234 p.