The botanical garden of the Troja district in Prague celebrates this year half a century of existance. The anniversary was celebrated through a series of events and innovations. The entire 2019 will be dedicated to the beauty of plants as living and complex organisms. Beginning of March, all flower lovers were able to admire a rich display of exotic orchids. Additionally, a new series of exhibitions have been prepared in new spaces created for the occasion. Even though the first efforts to open the botanical garden go back to the time of the First Republic, it was officially opened only in 1969, although the authorities did little to promote it. The area remained almost unknown to the public for more than twenty years, until 1992. From that point onwards, it continued to develop, including over time more and more exhibition areas. The city of Prague commemorated the fiftieth anniversary with two new publications and a calendar that shows the developments of the area on which it extends in its first fifty years of existence.