Alfons Mucha


Alfons Mucha – The Artist and his Time”, is the first Italian translation of the bibliography of the great world-famous Czech artist. The first edition of the book entitled “Can can with the halo”, was published in 1969 by the writer Jiří Mucha, son of Alfons and Marie Chytilová. In addition to retracing the life of the famous painter from his birth in Ivančice to his death in Prague following a Gestapo interrogation on July the 14th, 1939, the volume provides the reader with an accurate portrait of the era between the 19th and 20th centuries, of great cultural and historical value. The cultural capitals of that time such as Vienna, Munich, Prague, New York but especially Paris allow the writer to tell the artistic and social evolution of Alfons Mucha and to show the reader a different and previously unseen vision of Europe and America in an era of great political, social and cultural changes. Over the years the author revisited the book by updating it by means of new articles, books, catalogs, unpublished news, arriving in the ‘80s to the final version: an engaging narrative text, with a sober and elegant style, which offers the true image of a man and his time.

Jiří Mucha,

Alfons Mucha – L’Artista e il suo tempo,

Schena Editore 2017,

pp. 312