December 10

On December 10, in the church of St. Salvator – a baroque monument part of the Klementinum in Prague – will take place a Classic concert, organized and conducted by Maestro Walter Attanasi, as part of the Italia Arte Fest and Umbria Music Fest International. Attanasi is one of the most active and best-known Italian orchestra conductors in the Czech Republic. The program will open with the symphony for violin, viola and orchestra in E-flat major, K. 364 which will include Ettore Pellegrino, violin, Dino de Palma, viola and the Slovak Chamber Orchestra Bohdan Warchal. The Lúčnica Choir from Bratislava, conducted by Elena Matušová and the above-mentioned orchestra will follow the Magnificat for soprano, choir and orchestra by John Ruter and performed by Slávka Zámečníková.