Come ho incontrato i pesci, Ota Pavel Come ho incontrato i pesci

Ota Pavel,
Translation by Barbara Zane,
Keller Editore 2017,
272 p.

The novel “Come ho incontrato i pesci” by Ota Pavel, one of the most translated Czech authors, is centered on his childhood. The main themes are fishing, both his father’s and uncle Prosek’s passion, “the two best fishermen in the world”, and on the love for life that blooms along the rivers and ponds of his country. On this background, the author introduces heavier themes such as Communism and Nazism. The father’s commitment will be impressive, never submissive in providing and taking care of his family, in good times and hard ones. Through his work, the author wants to reveal the image of a boy in love with life. For the first time, in this book, we perceive the sad destiny that awaits the author himself: a disease that will appear unexpectedly seen as a drama and a miracle in the same time, which enabled him to write these pages. Obviously, the book is not only about fishing but also about the ups and downs of life, the search of happiness and freedom that help us overcome the obscenity of the world, the history and even madness.