“Fiabe di Praga magica (Parola di Fiaba)”, i.e. fairytales of magic Prague, is the new edition of the collection of short stories resulting from the research of Scilla Abbiati Sivazliyan. The extravagance of the situations and characters in this collection is typical of the Czech spirit imbued in a biting irony. And it is precisely the Czech spirit and irony that bind these fairy tales together, in which, just to give a few examples, a couple tries several times to return stolen goods to their rightful owner, without success, a terrified devil escapes from the embrace of a spinster who does not want to give up, and a peasant man is convinced that he has learned Latin. The curator of the volume was a scholar of Slavic and Oriental languages and literatures and as part of her studies she dealt, among other things, with the work of Nazim Hikmet and the drafting of the Armenian-Italian Vocabulary. She chose these stories from the immense Czechoslovakian folklore heritage, favoring those of Bohemia and Moravia, regions where people are particularly dedicated to “dreaming”.

Scilla Abbiati Sivazliyan,
Fiabe di Praga magica (Parola di Fiaba),
Franco Muzzio Editore, 2020
285 p.