From August 30 until January 20, 2019
Hana Podolská, legend of Czech fashion

The exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts “Hana Podolská, legend of Czech fashion” brings the audience back to the fashion salons of the first republic with about fifty original patterns. In 1905, Podolská opened her tailor shop, which became the top fashion company during the two world wars, a symbol of elegance with a high quality of tailoring work, luxurious fabrics but also of entrepreneurial and commercial spirit of the ”Czech Coco Chanel” which adapted the Parisian fashion to the local one. Her clients were actresses, celebrities and ladies of the élite like Hana Beneš, wife of the president, as proven by photographs and videos. An interactive area gives visitors the possibility to touch or look under the microscope at the fabrics used for the models or propose their own sketch.