Editorial profile 

The Progetto Repubblica Ceca magazine has been the first Italian periodical originating in Prague after the Velvet Revolution.

It has always been distinguished by its reliability of the journalistic approach and also by its distribution among various groups of readers. Progetto Repubblica Ceca deals with the current affairs of the country where it is published choosing the topics of political, economical and cultural character.

In 2009 the magazine entered in a new editorial era and now it offers the readers a completely new graphics and profound reorganization of its contents. Thanks to the collaboration with highly qualified journalists Progetto Repubblica Ceca focuses on increasing its credibility among the reading public.


• a precise and complete description of the political, economical and cultural progression of the Czech Republic

• a presentation of the crucial leaders of local politics, economy and culture through exclusive interviews

• journalistic investigations and analyses dedicated to unusual topics

• exclusive contents written in popular language and fresh style

• new publications and announcing important cultural events

Reader’s profile:

Progetto Repubblica Ceca is a magazine addressing a medium/high level readers’ target.

Thanks to its characteristics, Progetto Repubblica Ceca collects increasing feedback from wide public including entrepreneurs and managers as well as intellectuals, journalists, diplomats and members of academic world.

The double language, Italian and English together with magazine’s wide distribution, allows Progetto RC having an international audience, so not Czech readers, but also foreign communities living in Prague and in the Czech Republic and foreigners arriving here for business or pleasure.




Progetto Repubblica Ceca is distributed in an edition of 5,000 copies particularly in Prague and in other Czech cities.

It’s also distributed in Italy, in Slovakia and in selected European capitals:

Bruxelles, Vienna, Bratislava, Moscow, Berlin and Paris




Number of readers

Progetto Repubblica Ceca captures

15,000 readers.

Technical requisites     

Periodicity: bimonthly

Number of pages: 64-80

Paper weight: 170 g cover page, 115 g internal pages

Paper size: A/4 (210 × 297)

Binding: staple bound


Distribution by sector:  

65% companies

20% public places (hotels and restaurants in Prague and in the other cities in the Czech Republic, trade fairs)

5% institutions (ministries, Parliament, embassies, chambers of commerce, industrial associations)

10% culture (universities, newspapers and other media, sport, associations, etc.)


Distribution by country:  

75 % Czech Republic

15 % Italy

10% Slovakia and other countries