Laure is the curator of the Museum of Broken Promises in Paris. When she leaves France and arrives in Prague, in the summer of 1986, she feels that she has been catapulted into a world with less vivid colors, less vibrant voices, and less sincere laughters. Then she understands: there, people were forced to forget what freedom was. However, there is one person who is not resigned. Like the charming Tomas, whom she meets randomly at a puppet show. For him, Laure is prepared to lie, fight and betray. But she doesn’t know yet what the regime is capable of, nor how far she would need to go to save her own life. Soon, however, she will discover that the Museum of Broken Promises is not the real sign of a lost love, a vanished trust, a loss, but a place where stories make a fresh start, open their wings towards unexpected destinations and maybe mend threads broken by fate. Like those which tie her to a man who is just waiting for a sign to keep his promise.

Il museo delle promesse infrante,
Elizabeth Buchan,
Narrativa Nord, 2020
396 p.