Following a tragic accident near Liberec, in the north of the Czech Republic, police lieutenant Jana Kolinková moves to Prague, within the homicide division alongside her new colleague Mirek Hermann. Thereby, Jana immerses herself in the Praguian reality filled with strange characters and unscrupulous criminals. Intuitive and determined, she quickly proves to be a good detective. But her professional successes are not enough to make her regain her balance. Only one person will be able to make her come out from the darkness of her soul… Lieutenant Kolinková’s investigations are compelling and involve the reader in the story so much so that you can read the book in one breath. The author’s almost cinematographic writing is smooth, delightful, compelling, full of realistic details but which, at the same time, leaves room for the imagination of the reader who believes experiencing the story firsthand.

Jana Kolinková e i misteri di PragaEmma Misitano,
Jana Kolinková e i misteri di Praga,
Independently published, 2020
160 p.