20 years ago
The Holy Trinity Column of Olomouc was inscribed on the UNESCO List

Exactly twenty years ago, on 2 December 2000, one of the most famous and significant monuments of Olomouc, the Baroque Holy Trinity Column, located in the main square of the city, Horní Náměstí, was included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The construction of the commemorative column, almost 35 metres high, was carried out between 1716 and 1754, as a form of gratitude for the end of the plague that struck the region between 1714 and 1716. The monument is the one of its kind that includes the most Baroque sculptures in a single group, among those present throughout Central Europe. Several local artists participated in the creation of the sculptural work in the regional style known as “Olomouc Baroque”, but the main architect was Václav Render, and this fact makes it particularly loved by the citizens. There are now fourteen Czech sites inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List, including the Column of the Holy Trinity, as of 2020.