Prague. A man and a woman meet on tango notes in a local night pub in the city. He, Martin Romano, is an Argentinian stating to be in the Czech capital for an important business trip. She, Karin Dayan, is a charming Georgian woman working in the diamond industry. A deep attraction and a dangerous game sparkles between the two of them and will shake their very inner core forcing them, even if for one second, to reveal the mask of lies on which they built their lives. The story, in audio format and published by “Recitar leggendo audiolibri” publishing, is part of the series “I racconti della mezzanotte” (“Midnight Tales”) and is entrusted to the voices of the theater actor and editor Claudio Carini and of the singer and dubber Laura Pierantoni.

Mauro Ruggiero,
La donna dei diamanti. Tango a Praga,
Recitar Leggendo audiolibri, 2019
37 min.