Giuliana Sarti was born in Portoferraio, on the Island of Elba, and graduated in Literary studies from the University of Rome. For many years she lived abroad with her husband and two children, and during her travels she also spent a period in Prague, a city that left her with intense memories. She made her debut with a collection of poems, and more recently, published a volume on her experience in Africa. In this book on Prague, the author recounts the city at the height of the Cold War through her most intimate and intense personal experience, beyond the “iron curtain”. An “emotional” visit to the most beautiful and poetic places of the magical city which Giuliana confronted, and which later, she irreparably fell in love with. Not just a physical place, but a complex living organism made of history, art, mystery, beauty; of silent fragments of life of which the author has been discreet confidant and to whom, now she has returned her voice.

La mia Praga,
Giuliana Sarti,
Independently published, 2019,
262 p.