La primavera è arrivata by Ludvík Vaculík

“La primavera è arrivata” (The Spring has arrived) is the Italian translation of the book by Ludvík Vaculík (1926-2015), Czech writer and journalist, who to commemorate the Prague Spring, in 1968 decided to dedicate a brief text to the real spring season and to the metaphorical one in prose. Vaculík debuted in 1966 with the novel “The Axe” and in 1968 took part in the Prague spring by writing the so-called “Manifesto of the Two Thousand Words”. The author systematically writes texts as memories starting in 1975, every year and almost always in March. It is a collection of texts ranging from 1975 to 1989, including the unpublished ones of 1979 and 1968. Through these texts the author expresses his thoughts in an acute, ironic, at times amusing way, mixing observations on the awakening of nature with political, cultural and personal events, or memories of childhood experienced in the democratic years of the First Republic.

Ludvík Vaculík
La primavera è arrivata
Translated by Stefania Mella and Michaela Šebőková Vannini
Publisher: Forme Libere 2018
183 p.