In this publication, the journalist Jean-Dominique Brierre, through the study of writings, interviews, testimonials and unpublished documents, reveals little known aspects of the life and personality of the Czech writer Milan Kundera. Born in 1929, Kundera started out his career as a musician, but became a poet and later a novelist. Excluded from the Communist Party due to the criticism he brought on to the regime and put on the “black list” of the “not-welcomed” following the repression of Prague Spring, Kundera left Czechoslovakia to settle in France where he continued to write in Czech, before choosing French as the only language of “exploration of the existence”. The author is considered one of the greatest writers of the last five decades and attributes his success, not without irony, to “having been misunderstood”. Many writers such as Jonathan Coe, Orhan Pamuk, Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen consider him a master, whose reflections on the “art of the novel” are profoundly challenging the profession of writer.

Milan Kundera, une vie d’écrivainJean-Dominique Brierre,
Milan Kundera, une vie d’écrivain,
(in French),
Ecriture, 2019
303 pp.