600 year ago

Born on April 23 of the year 1420, George of Podĕbrady was king of Bohemia, and was responsible for the restructuring of Utraquism, which up until then had been shaken by internal struggles, and giving it its due political weight. He took part in partisan battles, and in 1448, seized Prague by forcing his opponents to recognize him as governor of the region. George of Poděbrady reformed the internal order of the state, strengthened the ties between Bohemia and the other countries of the Czech Crown and brought peace and well-being to the Kingdom. He was elected sovereign following the death of Ladislaus, in 1458, and proved to be a tolerant king, as demonstrated by his will to favour reconciliation between Germans and Catholics. Under his reign, Prague quickly became the centre of major European politics and Bohemia the first state in Central Europe. His greatest merit, as a monarch, consists in having consolidated Bohemia internationally and worked to appease the tension between Catholics and Hussites.