80 years ago
Czechoslovakia was declaring full mobilization

The Nazi threat on the country’s borders led to full mobilization of Czechoslovakia on September 23, 1938. Edvard Beneš was the one to proclaim it. A new government was installed, the one of general Jan Syrový. The news was broadcasted by radio the same evening at 10PM, after the government unanimously approved the decision. This was the second mobilization of 1938, after the one proclaimed in March. The Czechoslovakian army at the border was ready for combat. The USSR forwarded its willingness to help Czechoslovakia. Although the army was well armed, the success could be obtained only with the support of the Allied forces of France and England, but this support did not come. The Allies favored political solutions over military ones. Beneš decided not to undertake a war without the support of Western forces and the Munich Accords were signed one week following the mobilization. France, England and Italy decided to eliminate the Czechoslovakian border with the German Reich.