10 years ago
The Národní technická knihovna was opening

The National Technical Library (NTK) celebrated its first 10 years of existence in September. Located in Prague, in the district of Dejvice, in a modern building considered among the most interesting, from an architectural point of view, out of those built after 1989, this cultural institution dedicated to the preservation of knowledge is among the most appreciated and avant-garde of the Czech Republic. During the ceremonies, the director, Martin Svoboda, emphasized the role that such an entity can and must play today in a cultural context in which the way information is processed changes very quickly. Conferences, exhibitions and other activities were organized for the celebrations of the tenth anniversary, both for the public and for the specialized personnel of the sector. The collections and the specimens of the most important books were also exhibited, including an original by Albrecht Dürer from 1525. The NTK, besides being the first scientific library in the country, is also the largest and boasts over 1.5 million of volumes (collected since 1718).