La grande opera di Giuseppe Arcimboldo, by Aldo delle Rose

The writer Aldo delle Rose is publishing a new volume dedicated to the figure of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an artist who over the centuries has experienced alternating moments of fame and oblivion. His rediscovery stemmed from a rather unusual question: was Arcimboldo an alchemist? He was certainly a cosmopolitan and eclectic artist, having lived in the Milan of the late-Renaissance period and the mysterious and fascinating Prague of emperor Rudolph II. In his works notions of biology, astrology, astronomy, cabal, Sufi philosophy, Gnosticism, cosmology and, of course, alchemy, all come together.The great work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo is an imposing project that develops across ten paintings over a lifetime, eventually immortalizing that ideal to completely devote oneself to. A complete volume that highlights the vastness and richness of the Arcimboldo‘s artistic language, despite the lack of studies or in-depth studies. In this work the author traces a real map of that land in part unknown, which are the Arcimboldo and his life, providing data, references and models.

Aldo delle Rose
La grande opera di Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Jouvence: 2018
p. 436