Printed by the H&H publishing house, and translated by Alice Flemrová and Tomáš Matras, the book “Poesie / Básně” by Pier Paolo Pasolini is a brand-new release, a collection of selected poems by the great Italian poet, writer, director and screenwriter who died in 1975. Containing the translation of the poems into Czech with the original Italian source, the book fills a gap. In the Czech Republic, Pasolini’s poems were published only in fragments and, although this book does not cover all the poems of the Italian writer, it’s still the first publication in Czech language to dedicate a broad cross-section to his poems. The volume includes extracts from all his poetic collections, including those that Pasolini wrote in the Friulian dialect, the language of his beloved mother. Pasolini’s poetics is marked by a new way of relating to the poetic tradition and is strongly characterized by the political and social commitment that defined the author’s life. The volume is enriched with images sourced from the work of Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Pier Paolo Pasolini,
Translated by Alice Flemrová and Tomáš Matras,
H&H, 2020
175 p.