From the 9th of February to the 12th of May
Prague was more beautiful than Rome

Praha byla krásnější než Řím (Prague was more beautiful than Rome) is underway at the Kampa Museum in Prague, with the subtitle “History of the Czech Avant-garde”, inspired by the work of Angelo Maria Ripellino and his masterpiece Magic Prague. In a narrative and slightly didactic form, the exhibition presents the relationship between literature and Czech art in the first half of the twentieth century, especially in the works of authors such as Filla, Kubišta, Toyen, Teige or Lhoták, made known thanks to Ripellino’s texts. In fact, the Slavist admired the typical Czech trait of knowing how to combine magical traditions with modern style and formal inventions. The curator of the exhibition, which will remain open until May 12, is Annalisa Cosentino, a professor at La Sapienza University of Rome.