From 9 to 12 May
Svět knihy

From 9-12 of May, the Holešovice exhibition center will host the 25th International Book Fair Svět knihy Prague having as guest of honor for the first time in Czech Republic the Nobel Prize winner for literature in 2010, Mario Vargas Llosa. Together with the Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller will be the protagonist of a study about literature viewed as a tool for political struggle and fight for freedom. The Czech public will witness a debate on mental and physical barriers, such as the Trump wall, presented by Álvaro Enrigue e David Unger; on the other hand, Rodrigo Fresán will explain how to use memories and memory itself in the writing process, one of the central themes of this year. Beside literary events, the festival pays tribute to the Latin American culture with exhibitions, movies, music and dance, workshops and food tasting.