Vita di Alfons Mucha. Nel cuore dell’Art Noveau by Patrizia Runfola

Patrizia Runfola, after her beautiful “Praga al tempo di Kafka” (Prague at the time of Kafka), again astonishes readers with the publication of a book dedicated this time to the life of Alfons Mucha, 80 years after his death. The author starts from the city of Prague, from that melancholy palace where Alfons Mucha spent the last years of his existence, before the Nazis arrested him, thus accelerating his death in 1939. Runfola dwells, in particular, on his precocious vocation to painting, fueled by music and a profound religiosity. The cities of Paris and Prague are also protagonists in Mucha’s life. His first work experiences at the theatre are described, the stay in the castle of Count Khuen Belasi, the activity of illustrator, America and the return to an artistic avant-garde Prague. The extraordinary life of this master of Art Nouveau is reconstructed by the author with a notable sensitivity and is introduced by the preface from Claudio Magris.

Patrizia Runfola
Vita di Alfons Mucha. Nel cuore dell’Art Noveau
Publisher: Lindau 2019
264 p.