A journey through Renaissance and Baroque fountains led by Michaela Krčmová

Discovering the Fountains of Rome

Prague, September 11, 2023


The Italian publishing scene has recently been enriched with a new title, “Fontane di Roma”. A Walk to Discover Renaissance and Baroque Fountains” by Michaela Krčmová, with translation by Tiziana Menotti, published by Schena Editore.
The book stems from an unexpected gift received by the author a few years ago: a reproduction of the ancient map of Rome by topographer Giovanni Giacomo De Rossi dating back to 1693, an update of the one made by Antonio Tempesta in 1593. Within a century, in fact, the Eternal City saw profound transformations, including restorations and new buildings.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, the author decided to walk through the streets of the capital following this map, comparing the Rome of then with the Rome of today. This journey allowed her to tell the stories and anecdotes related to the birth of Renaissance and Baroque fountains, illustrating the mastery of the hydraulic engineers, architects, Roman families who influenced the city’s history, and the sculptors who turned designs into authentic works of art.
This volume is not only a historical guidebook, but an invitation to discover and be enchanted by the eternal beauty of Rome through the common thread of water and its magnificent fountains.


Born in 1967 in Prague, Michaela Krčmová is a renowned Czech journalist and writer. She holds two degrees from Charles University in Prague, one in Journalism and the other in Italian Language and Literature. Since 2006, she has worked for the Czech national radio station Český rozhlas and runs the blog vypravetitalii.cz, through which she explores and shares her passion for Italian culture and art.
(by Giovanni Usai)