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Studenti in alternanza scuola-lavoro a Praga visitano l’Ambasciata d’Italia

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano....
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Colours of Ostrava

From 18 to 21 July Colours of Ostrava Among...
18 July | by
Current Affairs

Some Like It Short!

The 21st of June Some Like It Short! The...
18 June | by
Current Affairs

Tutto italiano

The 16th of June Tutto Italiano The Friends of...
14 June | by
Art and culture

Alfons Mucha

Alfons Mucha “Alfons Mucha – The Artist and his Time”, is the first Italian translation of...
Art and culture

The Prague Springs

The Prague Springs Riccardo Burgazzi is a young Milanese...
8 August | by
Art and culture

La Cecoslovacchia al tempo del socialismo reale

La Cecoslovacchia al tempo del socialismo reale The essay...
7 August | by
Art and culture

L’eredità delle dee

L’eredità delle dee The novel by the Czech writer...
6 August | by

The Republic of shopping centers

17 May | by
Having 120 shopping centers and 192 business parks, Czech Republic is among the first countries in Europe based on the density of retail areas....
Economy and Market

Nuclear at all costs?

Despite the unfavorable market prices and an uncertain expenditure...
Economy and Market

Czech Republic: the hunger for workers

The actual chronic lack of skilled workforce begins to...
Economy and Market

Czech Republic and the organic trend

Autumn. A time of sowing and cropping the harvest...