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Research and internationalization, the new (yet old) life of Brno

About a fifth of the population consists of university students, and many of them are foreigners:...
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November 1989 in Prague

  From September 25 to April 26, 2020 The...
29 September | by
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Runczech: September Races

September 7 and 21 RunCzech’s race calendar includes two...
7 September | by
Current Affairs

The Knights of the Heaven

From June 7th to January 31st 2020 For the...
13 July | by
Art and culture

La fine del mondo sembra non sia arrivata

La fine del mondo sembra non sia arrivata by Patrik Ouředník Patrik Ouředník, a Czech writer...
Art and culture

Vita di Alfons Mucha. Nel cuore dell’Art Noveau

Vita di Alfons Mucha. Nel cuore dell’Art Noveau by...
23 October | by
Art and culture

Eros Ramazzotti in Prague

October 22 The famous Italian singer and composer Eros...
20 October | by
Art and culture

The mystery of the Nerudas

Legend recalls that Pablo Neruda chose his name in...
16 October | by

Czech forests, chronicle of a death foretold

13 September | by
Myopia in economic management and climate change are the main causes of the bark beetle emergency that is affecting the forest heritage For those...
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Prague sold out: looking for housing solutions

Socialist interventions or wild market? The new city council...
Economy and Market

Playczech: beyond gaming

Behind the scenes of the gaming world, an industry...
Economy and Market

The rate you are looking for is currently unavailable

The Czech Republic hunts a fourth operator in the...