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Some Like It Short!

The 21st of June Some Like It Short! The Bio Oko cinema in Prague, in the...
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Tutto italiano

The 16th of June Tutto Italiano The Friends of...
14 June | by
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Tomáš Rosický, the Mozart of football made of glass

Tomáš Rosický: a great talent, known for world class...
7 June | by
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Rosický says goodbye to football

The 9th of June Rosický says goodbye to football...
6 June | by
Art and culture

Koudelka: Returning

Until the 23rd of September Koudelka: Returning For the eightieth year of Josef Koudelka, the retrospective...
Art and culture

Parmigianino. Graphics and critical luck

From 17th of May to 24th of June Parmigianino....
2 June | by
Art and culture

The church suspended between past and future

The building designed by architect Josef Gočár in the...
25 May | by
Art and culture

Frenzy and entrancement. Toscanini night at Lucerna

Tale of the concert in Prague in 1930 directed...
22 May | by

The Republic of shopping centers

17 May | by
Having 120 shopping centers and 192 business parks, Czech Republic is among the first countries in Europe based on the density of retail areas....
Economy and Market

Nuclear at all costs?

Despite the unfavorable market prices and an uncertain expenditure...
Economy and Market

Czech Republic: the hunger for workers

The actual chronic lack of skilled workforce begins to...
Economy and Market

Czech Republic and the organic trend

Autumn. A time of sowing and cropping the harvest...