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Christmas Markets

From December 1 to January 6, 2019 Christmas Markets Traditionally, the opening of the Christmas markets...
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Tourism: from resource to predicament?

The huge influx of tourists has changed the life...
8 November | by
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Hana Podolská, the Czech Coco Chanel

From August 30 until January 20, 2019 Hana Podolská,...
30 October | by
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Farewell to the sport of Radek Štěpánek

October 18 Farewell to the sport of Radek Štěpánek...
11 October | by
Art and culture

Classic / Vocalise

December 12 Classic / Vocalise The Classic/Vocalise concert, organized by the Italia Arte Fest festival and...
Art and culture

Kateřina Šedá, at the Venice Biennale the artist who awakens tourist cities from torpor

The Venetian pavilion of Kateřina Šedá is an alarm...
5 November | by
Art and culture

The engineer who depicts Prague with a nib

The Bolognese designer, Vittorio Giardino, author of the Jonas...
24 October | by
Art and culture

Antonín Engel: art serving the nation

The architect of Poděbrady, between the beauty and functionality...
12 October | by

The Czech economy is healthy and will continue to grow. The word of Singer

9 October | by
Interview with the Director of Institutional Affairs and Chief Economist of Generali CEE Holding, former governor of the Czech National Bank, one of the...
Economy and Market

The Republic of shopping centers

Having 120 shopping centers and 192 business parks, Czech...
Economy and Market

Nuclear at all costs?

Despite the unfavorable market prices and an uncertain expenditure...
Economy and Market

Czech Republic: the hunger for workers

The actual chronic lack of skilled workforce begins to...