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The crown enigma surrounding the Czech economy

Everyone awaits the decision of the National Bank, oriented this year towards stopping the devaluation interventions...
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The ancient history of the Czech textile industry

From the first factories in the second half of...
23 February | by
Current Affairs

A nation of dancers

During the winter and early spring, ballrooms host dozens...
6 February | by
Current Affairs

Alvaro Soler in Prague

On February 18 Alvaro Soler in Prague On February...
5 February | by
Art and culture

Classic / Mozart & Pergolesi

The 24th of May Classic / Mozart & Pergolesi Master Walter Attanasi organizes and chairs the...
Art and culture

Patočka, the sacrifice of the philosopher

The story of the greatest philosopher of modern Czechoslovakia,...
4 May | by
Art and culture

An era ends in Czech cinema

Jan Němec hits the cinema screens, the legendary pioneer...
17 March | by
Art and culture

“Trieste and Prague are my homelands”

Italian writer and essayist Claudio Magris was in Prague...
29 January | by

The “communist” tractor has become “ferrarista”

13 November | by
The historic manufacturer of agricultural machinery has engaged Pininfarina to have a bit more sex appeal The profile is sinuous and physical. Its lines...
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The Czech paradise with its shades and the Brexit burden

The economy of the Czech Republic continues to grow...
Economy and Market

Cercando Google su

Story of the little search engine that stands up...
Economy and Market

The Czech Republic is sprucing up for investors

A privileged destination for the arrival of foreign capital...