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AMITY, a solidarity project for refugees

Interview with Kimberly Bianchini-Scudellari, founder of a non-profit organisation in Prague that helps Ukrainian refugees, mainly...
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Big scales Prague with an origami

The prestigious, world-renowned Danish architecture firm won the international...
23 October | by
Current Affairs

Il Boemo

The film “Il Boemo”, a Czech, Italian and Slovak...
19 October | by
Current Affairs

The Kladruber, horses for kings and emperors

A Bohemian breed with six centuries of history, having...
25 February | by
Art and culture

Global Champions Prague Playoffs – 17 to 20 novembre

After last year’s success, great expectations are high for the fourth edition of the Global Champions...
Art and culture

Ennio Morricone – The Official Concert Celebration

It will be a spectacular musical event and will...
15 November | by
Art and culture

  In June 1967, shortly after Solženicyn’s open letter...
10 November | by
Art and culture

Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival – 25 to 30 October

The festival is considered the largest of its kind...
25 October | by

Tax Deadlines November December 2022

31 October | by
NOVEMBER 2022 Wednesday 9 Payment of excise duty for September 2022 (except for wines and spirits) Thursday 24 Payment of excise duty on wines...
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Presented in Prague “Up for Travellers”

A project, promoted by the Praguian tour operator Sardinia...
Economy and Market

Energy preoccupies citizens and businesses

  “We realize that certain information is sensitive, but...
Economy and Market

The Lihovar in Zlíchov and the oncoming gentrification

The plan concerning the historic and abandoned distillery in...