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Europa League: Italy – Czech Republic, a triple clash

Competition within the competition, two championships and different histories will meet this autumn in the continental...
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Člověk v tísni: the good boys of the Czech Republic

The Czech political leadership has taken steps backwards in...
8 September | by
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The Czech Republic flies to Rio for the Olympics

Sixth participation to the Games for the young nation...
2 August | by
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Between zmrzlina and ice cream, a dessert for everyone

In recent years, Czechs have been increasingly attracted to...
26 June | by
Art and culture

Cimrman, the greatest Czech of all time

The story of the genius who never became famous. A Czech hero (and anti-hero), part myth,...
Art and culture

Around Italy in the footsteps of Charles IV

The intense relationship with the Peninsula of the King...
12 September | by
Art and culture

Zátopek becomes a comic book hero

The legendary Moravian athlete returns to the spotlight in...
5 August | by
Art and culture

Zdeněk Svěrák: 80 years of genius

The Czech cultural icon Zdeněk Svěrák, one of the...
1 July | by

The Czech paradise with its shades and the Brexit burden

23 August | by
The economy of the Czech Republic continues to grow despite a substantial slowdown. There is concern over the lack of manpower and the weakness...
Economy and Market

Cercando Google su

Story of the little search engine that stands up...
Economy and Market

The Czech Republic is sprucing up for investors

A privileged destination for the arrival of foreign capital...
Economy and Market

The roaring Czech economy

Record GDP in the first quarter bodes well, including...