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That wonderful Thursday at the bookshop

Inspired by a tradition created at the time of the First Republic, Big Thursday aims to...
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Festival Signal

From 12th to 15th of October Festival Signal Back...
5 October | by
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Adolf Loos and Plzeň

From September 13th to November 29th Adolf Loos and...
4 October | by
Current Affairs

The Italian Honorary Consulate in Brno

September 27th The Italian Honorary Consulate in Brno Reopened...
26 September | by
Art and culture

Nohavica at O2 Arena

October 19th Nohavica at O2 Arena In autumn, the singer, musician and composer Jaromír Nohavica returns...
Art and culture

Luigi Cherubini: Requiem

September 26th and 27th Luigi Cherubini: Requiem Within the...
25 September | by
Art and culture

Classic / Mozart & Pergolesi

The 24th of May Classic / Mozart & Pergolesi...
23 May | by
Art and culture

Patočka, the sacrifice of the philosopher

The story of the greatest philosopher of modern Czechoslovakia,...
4 May | by

The “communist” tractor has become “ferrarista”

13 November | by
The historic manufacturer of agricultural machinery has engaged Pininfarina to have a bit more sex appeal The profile is sinuous and physical. Its lines...
Economy and Market

The Czech paradise with its shades and the Brexit burden

The economy of the Czech Republic continues to grow...
Economy and Market

Cercando Google su

Story of the little search engine that stands up...
Economy and Market

Škoda and Volkswagen, the Czech Autoland trembles

The scandal could have an impact on the Czech...