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When blind envy is Czech

In the balance between stereotypes, excessive self-criticism and truth, the title of chronically envious people is...
Current Affairs

Space and Technology in the Heart of Prague

Visiting the headquarters of the European Global Navigation Satellite...
10 December | by
Current Affairs

The World Bank and IMF Summit in Prague

20 years ago The summit, attended by 18,000 people...
9 December | by
Current Affairs

The hijacking of the Karlovy Vary – Prague flight

50 years ago It was the morning of June...
8 December | by
Art and culture

Regime architecture; what fate?

From the Biennale of Venice 2017, at the pavilion ‘Cecoslovacchia’, a reflection on the buildings seen...
Art and culture

The Santa Maria della Vittoria Church in Rome

A wonderful image, a few paintings, history.. and, here...
12 January | by
Art and culture

Grand Hotel. Romanzo sopra le nuvole

Winner in 2007 of the Czech literary prize Magnesia...
9 January | by
Art and culture

La regina del regno dei cristalli

On the eve of the Great War, Herbert, a...
15 December | by

Škoda: a new CEO to slow down the branding race?

18 October | by
Both government and unions fear that the Volkswagen parent company wants to downgrade the flagship of the Czech economy The change at the management...
Economy and Market

A law seeking trust

The Czech Republic has long been at the bottom...
Economy and Market

Tourism and coronavirus: what happens and changes now in the Czech Republic

After the complete closure in the spring months, hotels...
Economy and Market

The Mine in Turów, Prague Asks for EU Help

The new Polish trend of the Czech foreign policy,...